Life is always an adventure



My name is Josie and I am the mother of two boys ages 13, and 6. Despite the separation in age they are amazing brothers to each other. I live with my boyfriend and his two boys ages 15, and 7 and a girl who is 11. My boyfriend Bryan and I have been dating for a couple years now and along with our children we each brought a dog to our blended family. So we have a treeing walker hound named Duke, and a wirehaired pointing griffon named Bugsy.

Our household is loud, and at most times messy. But mostly it is full of love and of course at all times “adventures” whether these are to the beach for the weekend, or it’s a trip to the ER due to a bad landing while on rollerblades, our adventures are full of good times… and sometimes they are just learning moments that can be laughed at further down the road.

I think in the modern times that we are in, a lot of people are raising families in more “non traditional” ways. I am hoping someone out there will be able to take something away from my blog, I am also hoping to get a little more insight myself. I remember facing motherhood at a young age and reading every book out there. Just so that I could be somewhat prepared for the little human that was soon to be my entire world. I never thought to study about blending families until I realized that I was beginning to blend into one myself.

So as I read more about how to be more patient, or how to let things that are out of my control roll off my back. Like for instance when a stepchild ignores me and walks away only to shut the door in my face as I am saying “don’t walk away from me!?” I need articles on how to not get my feelings hurt, and how to be more open with children that have been raised by other parents. I thought living with my ex was tough! It turns out living with other people’s children is pretty tough! So as I go through the regular trials and tribulations of parenting I get to also struggle through the trials and tribulations of blending a family. I want to share these stories, as well as the knowledge I learn as I go, and I hope to get advice on learning to live peacefully as a blended family.

The other uniqueness to our family is that my kids live with their father, in another state. I get to see them every other weekend, and we switch off and on for holidays and breaks, etc, etc… This is probably the TOUGHEST thing I’ve EVER done as a human let alone a mother. It was never what I imagined would happen when I had my children. But I never imagined living a happy successful life without their father either. But shit happens, and you have to move forward. There is not any reason that my kids cannot live with their loving caring, and amazing father full time. It has been a struggle to get used to our living arrangements but all of our lives have blossomed. We continually learned to adapt and make the most of the times we spend together.

More uniqueness to our situation is that Bryan’s children’s mother has unfortunately not been in the picture very much. But she is working on getting better. And we only hope that she will.

Even though we all struggle daily with missing the people we love the most. We survive together and look to each other for support and understanding. We will continue to make the most of our adventures by turning them into memories to be treasured.

When I was pregnant with my first child I was only sure of one thing at that time, well maybe I was sure of a couple things: I needed to read some parenting books, and that I wanted to raise my child in a loving, stable, caring environment. Again being a blended family was not in my outlook of the future. Although it wasn’t planned, and even though biologically they aren’t all my children, I want them all to be raised in a loving, caring, and supportive environment. I’ve fallen for these stubborn, back-talking, hilarious, caring, loving beings that were brought into the world by a different mother. I’ve fallen for them as hard as the stubborn, back-talking, hilarious, caring loving beings that I brought into this world.

So with that said I hope you enjoy reading!!